5:27AM: End of the night or start of the day?

I wasn’t sure what time my dad woke up. I know it was well before me because I used every last second of my sleep time. 

I was only able to piece together that it must have been sometime around 5:30am, because that’s the timestamp on the first picture he shared from his camera roll.

Moments before the sun rises on the Las Vegas strip.

30 minutes later and the day had fully broken.

Sunrise from the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I stayed out until about 12:30 the night before, so pretty early for a Vegas night. But our appointed time to wake up was like 7am. And the day before I’d only gotten a few hours of sleep. 

I had made myself a cot on the sofa in the front section of the one bedroom suite. I brought my own sheet from home to be sure I’d have what I needed. 

When I did finally wake up, my dad was arriving from Starbucks with my order. Oh, I guess it wasn’t a dream. I had given him a drink order an hour earlier on his way out. 

Now this was good service! I stumbled over to my coffee drink on the bar and took the first few glorious sips while making my way to the balcony. 

Door open, warm (not hot yet!), polluted air against my face. Ah — Vegas! What a way to rise. 


We sat on the balcony for a few moments and discussed potential breakfast plans. We both agreed that we didn’t really need to waste time with anything too formal. I think I had some crackers or something. 

We made our way downstairs and across Las Vegas boulevard over to Planet Hollywood. Our goal? The Enterprise in the PH lobby. 

It’s a bit tucked away and difficult to find if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. I did know exactly where I was headed because… well, I’m obsessed. 

I’m hoping my dad was impressed (and not ashamed, lol) with my navigational skills of Las Vegas ;) 

Rental car at Planet Hollywood

The gentleman at the Enterprise check-in counter was incredible. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and apparently very hard-working. He said he basically handles everything during his shift. It’s a one-man show — cleaning cars, checking folks in, managing reservations, etc. 

With my brother-in-law’s discount, our total for the day was $56. Amazing. I tipped that man $10, I think, and we were on our way. 

To find the Enterprise rental cars at Planet Hollywood, you’ve got to take an immediate right out of the lobby when walking back out towards the rideshare / Uber / dropoff area. You walk a fair distance until there’s a rounded concrete wall with some cars hap-hazardly parked up against it. They’re actually parked on a raised section over a curb. So, it’s clearly not part of the original design to have folks parked there. 

There isn’t much signage to let you know that these are the rental cars, but we were paying close attention. There’s only like 8 cars in this little fleet. We got in our white Mazda sedan and were on our way in no time. 

8:30am: Drive to Red Rock National Conservation Area

Well, we were on our way through a few wrong turns in Planet Hollywood employee parking. But seconds later we took a right on Harmon and were crossing Las Vegas Boulevard — the first time I’ve ever driven on the strip (albeit just a brief crossing, for now). 


Somehow, though, we ended up over to Flamingo road for our westward drive. I know because we passed the Gold Coast and the Palms. 

It was a thrill to be driving in Vegas — even though it wouldn’t seem much different than most southwestern towns to most laymen. 

Good security at Terrible Herbst

We did have one fairly memorable experience on the drive. We stopped at the Terrible Herbst convenience store at the corner of Flamingo and S Buffalo Drive. We were told by the Enterprise employee that we didn’t have to return the tank full, just in a similar position to how we received it. He said they didn’t have access to gas pumps at that location so there wasn’t really a way to provide a full tank upon check in. 

So we decided we’d fill the tank here and not have to worry about it on the way back in case there wasn’t another convenient spot. 

This particular gas station was also connected to a McDonald’s. That will become important in a second. 

We started the car filling up and proceeded to go inside for a restroom break. Though it didn’t seem like the most wonderful area, it didn’t seem all that dangerous or anything to me. 

When we got inside, it was one of the restrooms where you need a key. No big deal. I went up to the counter and asked for the key and let them know I was buying gas — so a paying customer. I was informed that McDonald’s controlled the key. 

So we went to McDonald’s and I felt compelled to purchase something. I guess I was hungry after all, plus I wanted to make sure they knew I was a customer. We got a 2-for-1 Egg, Sausage, and Cheese McMuffin and then I asked for a key to the restroom. 

This is where things got kind of weird. They called over a security guard-type of woman and asked her to escort us to the restroom. When we got outside the door, she said, “wait here.” She went ahead and “cleared” the restroom and then let us in one at a time.

I noticed she also went ahead and did a check in the women’s restroom and I believe kicked someone out. 

That’s when we started to realize we probably weren’t amongst the best crowd. 

We quickly made our way out and back on the road to talk about the experience. It wasn’t shocking that we were in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. We’re not that snobby. But it was just so strange just how tight the bathroom security was. Weird. I can only imagine the things they see in Vegas. 

Anyways, we enjoyed the rest of our drive — about another 15 or 20 minutes — passing nearby Red Rocks Casino along the way. Oooh, I kind of wanted to stop. 

As we approached the park, the view became stunning. I tried to take some pictures and videos. Magical stuff. 

9:18 Red Rock National Conservation Area

It was just after 9am but already blisteringly hot. We walked into the welcome center and perhaps it’s always like this, but it was almost like there was a mini fair going on. Various governmental departments had set up simple displays on 6’ card tables and were giving away stickers, coloring sheets, and the sort. We picked up a few things for the youngsters in our life and talked through some trail options with one of the park rangers.

Inside of the welcome center at Red Rock National Conservation Area

A terrible photo, but I wanted you to see how amazing the backdrop here is — it looks fake!

We made our way to the scenic driving trail and set off on a lovely journey. Note that, because few people are as crazy as us, this time of year doesn’t require a reservation for the scenic drive. In the cooler months, you’ll want to plan ahead and book a timed slot or you could be denied entry.

Red Rock has a number of scenic overlooks along the trail. It starts off with a bang. Pictures don’t adequately describe this mars-on-earth / Flintstones setting. 

We decided on a walking trail and another as a backup if we weren’t satisfied. The first trail was really neat. We were near another (German?) family (if you read the first day’s report, you know what I’m talking about) that was pretty loud. But otherwise it was peaceful and we actually discovered a stream along the way. We made our way all the way up to the edge of the bottom of giant cliffs where you could see where the water would flow heavily down after even a light rain. This is where all the water runs. I’ve watched plenty of desert flash flood videos for fun and this gave me those vibes for sure. 

We also never knew when a mountain lion might just appear. Okay, I’m not sure this thought ever crossed my dad’s mind, but it was on mine.

We then drove a bit further down to set out on a much longer trail. This one looked like you would eventually make it to a really neat canyon. We knew it was a longer journey than it appeared (like every walk in Vegas), but it just. kept. going. I mean we pushed and pushed and pushed until we just couldn’t go any further. The trail had huge boulders we’d climb over and around, but overall wasn’t quite as neat as the first trail, in my opinion.

Heading back, it was evident just how far we’d pushed it as it seemed to take forever. 

All in all, we were back on highway 159 (Red Rock Canyon Rd) driving back towards Vegas by like noon. So, maybe it wasn’t such a long hike after all. I guess 110 degree desert heat just takes it out of you. 

Now it was time for some extreme indulgence… we were headed towards Venice.

12:36PM: Venetian Las vegas 

We made our way to the Venetian and enjoyed the free parking… now a thing of the past with the opening of the Sphere.

I wanted to be sure to take my dad to some incredible food destinations. And I’m not just talking about great-tasting food, either. I wanted some things to really blow him away. I wanted one of those epic Instagram posts in real life. And given the type of food we both like, Black Tap was just the spot. 

Black Tap Las Vegas

We’d earned it with our long hike, but we really lived out the epitome of gluttony as my dad would keep saying. 

We sat at the bar and ordered milkshakes, burgers, and fries. I also ordered fried pickles because I’m always in pursuit of great ones. 

I got the black truffle burger (again… overindulgence is the theme here) and the Sweet N’ Salty milkshake which was a peanut butter shake with M&Ms, peanut butter cups, pretzel rods, and more. 


A milkshake at Black Tap Las Vegas


We asked our milkshakes to come out with the burgers and they did a pretty good job timing it.

It was way too much food. 

I will say that the food was more of an experience than it was amazing in terms of taste and quality. Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely go back, but you definitely go for the Instagramable food presentations.

Afterwards, we walked around the casino just a smidge, and took a quick jaunt up for an obligatory visit to the “Venice” canals. 

“Venice” Canals

What was most memorable about this was the show taking place at the St. Mark’s Square.

We caught a rousing rendition of Con te Partirò, one of my all-time favorite songs. I’d never seen this before, but there was a female performer that actually started singing from one of the balconies above the square. It was a surprising touch that, together with their outfits and the overall scene of Venice, really made it a great show considering that it was really fairly simple. 

The canals at The Venetian Las Vegas


After stopping at another Las Vegas gift shop for some sleuthing / product inspiration, we headed back to the car. 

When we arrived to our car at the garage we encountered something that stopped me in my tracks. I’m always a bit weary of parking garages, and safety in general, so this raised my alert to a high level. 


Right on the windshield was a woman’s drivers license. It was tucked underneath one of the windshield wipers. 

I paused and immediately started doing a 360 of my surroundings and I think I told my dad, “hey leave it, leave it for a second” as I walked around and even behind the car. 

It seemed like just the kind of trick someone might do to take you off your guard and sneak up to rob you. It also seemed like a long shot… why would they pick our car? But I still wanted to be careful.

Anyways, after a few seconds, we took it off and I still urged my dad to get into the car quickly and we locked our doors. 

As we left without incident, we assumed someone must have dropped it on the way in and someone else found it and put it on the nearest car hoping to return it to the rightful owner. 

I planned to take it to security back at the Cosmo, but we ended up driving it to the valet area and giving it to an employee to take it to security there. Likely, whoever lost it would go there first, so I’m hoping it all turned out okay for her. 

Thankfully, it was a local ID based on the address, so at least someone wouldn’t be totally stranded without an ID trying to catch a flight back home. 

My compliments to Formula One

I have strong thoughts on the disruption to the Strip and the long-term impact on tourist patterns as a result (I, for one, pretty much plan to avoid Vegas from Mid September through January from now on), but this quick story is about the over-exhausted complaint you’re all-to-familiar with if you’ve been following this whole affair: Traffic.

Driving down the Las Vegas strip has always been a dream of mine. Leaving the Venetian I took the chance to soak up every second. Heck, when it came time to turn towards Planet Hollywood to return the car, I kept going.

I regret it.

After turning around near the Fabulous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, we ended up snarled in traffic for the better part of 45 minutes. 45 precious minutes out of our trip. It might have even been an hour. It was a disaster and we ended up having to go back towards the Virgin Hotel and finding a turnaround. It was not a lovely time.

However, returning the car at Planet Hollywood, dropping our keys, and making our way back towards Cosmo was uneventful. But then… more delays.

Back to Cosmo

Back at Cosmo, we had a couple of hours before our Superfrico reservation. 

Yes, I had booked these meals pretty close together, but It’s just how the schedule worked out. It’s also why we ate at the bar at Black Tap because, even though it was only like a 15 minute wait for a table, we could take every minute of distance between meals that we could spare. 

We were promised we wouldn’t have any issues, but when we arrived to our room the keys no longer worked. I had booked the first night on a comp offer and the rest of the reservation as just a discounted Identity rate. I guess the two separate reservations caused an issue, but at least we didn’t have to switch rooms. That was an easy, but kind of lengthy, fix (especially after the traffic frustration) and we were on our way. 

We debated taking a nap or going to the pool. 

Not wanting to waste a second, we opted for the pool. 

2:45PM The Chelsea Pool at Cosmopolitan

I had forgotten my flip flops, but other than that, we were quickly dressed and on our way to the 14th floor. 

We opted to go to the quieter Chelsea Pool as I assumed it would also be easier to get a chair. 

We checked in briefly with the greeter / host at the entrance. He didn’t stop me for being in tennis shoes and that was my only concern. He hooked us up with some towels and off we went. 

Being late in the day and with the pool already mostly in the shade, it was actually quite easy to find a lounger. 

The pool experience was pretty lovely. Great temperature, fairly calm but still a good energy. 

We enjoyed hopping in and out of the massive hot tub and back into the cold pool. We tried out some of those lounger chairs that are in the super shallow area so you’re half in the water and half in the heat. They were surprisingly comfy! 

I also thought we could hear the day club pool and I wanted to venture over to that area to get a better look, but that part was in the sun and my bare feet literally couldn’t take the heat. 

$4 Sunglasses and a Zealous Pool Boy

One thing that did kind of shock me was that I briefly left my cheap sunglasses by the edge of the big pool and wandered over to the hot tub. It was probably only like five or six minutes. When I realized that I left them, I immediately went back over but they were already taken

I looked all around the pool, looked in the water, surveyed the pool goers for someone brazenly wearing the stolen property. I couldn’t find them. 

I’d even go back to the host at the front and ask if someone turned them in. No luck. 

They were not expensive and I had brought a backup, but it just shocked me that someone must have actually taken them in that short period of time. It just seemed bizarre. 

After a nice hour or so we went back up. Then, realizing we got on an elevator that didn’t go to our floor, we went back down. The host smiled and chuckled at us as we had to go back outside and over to another set of elevators. 

My dad said he thought the host was “sweet on me.” Lol 

Back in the room we got cleaned up as I played my Vegas playlist. Dean Martin had us pumped up for the night to come. 

I talked to my wife, Kathryn, for a few minutes and before we knew it, it was time to head down for the trippiest meal of our trip. I was really starting to get a off vibe from Kathryn every time we talked, and though I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on, I was extra thankful for her help.

5:27pm: Superfrico

I didn’t tell my dad much about Superfrico other than it might be louder than he expected and would be a memorable experience, if anything. 


Chicken parmesan at Superfrico Las Vegas


We walked down to the end of the second floor convention area to what is a fairly nondescript beige wall area next to the Wicked Spoon buffet entrance. There’s some signage for OPM (formerly Opium, but I hear they ran into all kinds of restrictions and regulations that made advertising difficult) and a desk at which we could check in. 

A minute later we were brought behind a simple door and into a “chamber” as I could best described it that had doors on all sides. The host had us clear our chakra or something hippy like that and waited for us to tell him we were ready. 

Next thing you know we were into a dark, blacklight-lit, neon-filled, restaurant being escorted to our seats. 

I’m going to really struggle to describe the experience because it’s a bit indescribable, really, and too dark to take many clear photos. 

But we hadn’t been seated long before a maitre d’ came over, rubbed his white glove on our table and, horrified, chastised me for ruining their table with my messiness. Let the games begin. 

Throughout service we experienced a unicycler “spill” a tray of drinks on the table next to ours, a frigid woman who’d just returned from a climb to the top of a ski slope and returned with one less arm, a freaky penguin-headed man, and a twerking… alien of some kind. 

Despite the quirky show, the service quality was great and the food very good. 

I ordered a pool boy, which I told the waiter wasn’t something I’d normally do, but… Vegas. A pool boy cocktail, I should clarify. 

My dad ordered a virgin RedBull which briefly confused the waiter before he quickly caught on and played along. 

For food, though we were still stuffed, we ordered the Chicken Parmesan sans the extra $16 pasta side, and a brown butter Gnocchi. 

The Chicken parm was huge, as expected, and very citrus-forward. I can still remember the taste quite well, so it was memorable. Though, I can’t say I find myself craving it. 

The Gnocchi, however, was amazing. Perhaps life-changing as it inspired me to return and make it for my wife who had previously been disappointed by the concept. She loves it now. My son asks for it all the time. 

At the end of service, I asked if our waiter could escort us to the Ski Lodge. This was a hidden speakeasy that, you guessed it, is themed after a ski lodge. I knew how to get in from the hidden door near Wicked Spoon, but was still a bit intimidated to try. 

He happily escorted us over which made us feel like VIPs. 

Despite the escort through the restaurant, I almost got lost on the way which should speak to the hidden part of the speakeasy concept. 

6:45pm: The Ski Lodge

Upon arrival we had stumbled into a very loud two-person show that, again, is rather hard to describe. 

The gist was that this man had been captured and, I think, was being led around on a leash by a scantily-clad woman representing a snake. He loudly declared how excited he was to umm… “have relations” with a snake. A first-ever experience for him, apparently. 

After our experience, we ran back up to the room for a moment to prepare ourselves for going over to the Maroon 5 concert at Park MGM. Basically, that just meant me filling a bag with my usual kit of hand sanitizer and ant-acids. How impressive do I sound right now? 

We walked to Park MGM through the Crystals shopping center and I pointed out some favorite places and memories along the way. 

One really strange, and perhaps a bit sad, thing that we encountered along the way occurred as we walked over the bridge from Cosmo to Crystals, over the main road that lead up into City Center and Aria, in particular. 

There was a man in a scooter who seemed to have trouble getting it to make much speed. He was riding in the middle of the road as cars kind of swerved around him in both directions. It was one of those things where you were kind of helpless and not even sure what you were looking at. 

Was he high? Disabled and in need of help? Crazy? Playing a prank? Fulfilling a dare? 

Quick Detour to Crack Shack 

Anyways, we stopped at Crack Shack outside of Park MGM to get my wife a T-shirt. She’s a fan of Richard Blaise and we were even the first customers ever at a restaurant concept he once had in Nashville. 

They gave me a shirt in a restaurant to-go paper bag. 

We walked through Eataly and I explained how my wife loves the place. We enjoyed the “fresh air” of the smoke-free Park MGM casino and walked around briefly. 

Then, we headed towards the show. We had a couple of roadblocks with security who kept trying to tell me that no food was allowed in. After they took the time to listen to what I had to say and actually look in the bag, all was well. 

Dolby Live

The Dolby Live theater at Park MGM is gorgeous. It was better than I expected. Similar to the theater at Resorts World, it reminded me of a fancy night out at the symphony in any great American city. 

We weren’t having any cocktails, but I did want a water. I’ll share a little pro tip — the main bar at the top of the stairs had much higher prices than the one around the corner (take a hard U-turn towards the restrooms once you get to the top of the stairs from the Casino entrance). 

My dad had me ask for a cup of ice with my Fiji water which he used to fill up at the water fountain. Penny-pincher ;) 

We sat pretty close to the back in the upper-right section. I did manage to get seats right by the aisle, though. This is important to me as is the certainty of having tickets from an official source and well in advance. As a result I’m sure I don’t do myself favors with pricing because I miss any discount offers. That said, I’m willing to pay for peace of mind. 

8:05PM: Maroon 5

There was no opening act and they didn’t really need one. The stage was essentially a giant video wall with some extra frills here and there on the stage. It wasn’t nearly as impressive of a setup as Katy Perry, but the show was a lot of fun. Not as much fun, but a lot of fun. 


Basically, I’d say the stage was as cheap of a production as they could get away with without being absolutely lambasted by critics. 

I’ll say this, they really surprised me how much they “rocked.” And I mean this in terms of the genre of music. It seemed they had really pivoted away from the pop sound and, though they still played all of their hits, did so with a much more aggressive attitude. Really, I digged it. 


They reflected on their history and Las Vegas and had some touching moments reflecting former team members and their journey throughout the years. I didn’t know the story that well and it did succeed in increasing my respect for them. 

Other than straight hits (which until you go, you forget just how many there are), they played a brief string of Prince songs which I took as an opportunity to hit the restroom. Sue me; it’s just not my thing. 

Also, I was thrilled that they played Lucky Strike. It’s perhaps a less popular song compared to the non-stop hits they played, but it’s loosely Vegas-related and a top personal choice of mine. I played it a bit for my dad earlier in the trip as I thought there was a decent shot they’d dust it off, and I was delighted that it came true. 



The show ended with Sugar (as a comparison, this music video has 3,900,000,000 (3.9 Billion) streams on YouTube compared to 1,200,000 (1.2 million) streams for Lucky Strike) and a flurry of bright candy-pink confetti. I’m always a sucker for confetti. 

All-in-all it was a great performance and I was glad to have this full-circle moment with my dad as we used to listen to them a lot when I was growing up. 

That said, I can’t say that I’ll be lining up for a bunch of their shows in the future. I’m a fan, but I think I’ve sufficiently quenched my thirst. 

9:55pm Walkabout and Gambling

After the show, we walked out to the T-Mobile Plaza between Park MGM and New York-New York (written as they present it officially) and then went into the “Big Apple” for a walkabout. 

New York-New York

We played Wheel of Fortune (just a few spins as it was a $5 minimum and I wasn’t feeling it). We finally found an open Planet Moolah game and I was able to show my dad what it was all about. I think he found it funny how much I love it and knew all of the little intricacies. 



We also walked upstairs to see about the roller coaster. I had an itch to do it with my dad (though I think he wasn’t too into the idea), but when we got upstairs my desire diminished pretty quickly. There was a long line. I don’t know how long it would’ve taken, but it was longer than we were willing to wait. 

We gambled some more and enjoyed a $60 win on the Route 66 Firelink game and I introduced my dad to Huff N’ More Puff which… he really took to. By the second bonus he had already developed his first slot machine idiosyncrasy or superstition about the placement of the wolf’s tail in relation to when you’d hit the button. 

A couple of great bonuses helped pull him in. 


By the time we were done with this session, we were up to nearly $600 from our joint $400 buy-in and we had lots of fun doing it. 

Park MGM

We made our way back to Park MGM and gambled a bit more before deciding to take the walk through the back of the hotel and connect through to Aria. I decided to go this way because I plan to stay at Park MGM during my next trip and I wanted to get familiar with it (though, of course as the Vegas nerd I am, I had already watched a bunch of videos with this walk so I kind of knew what to expect). 


In Aria, we stayed towards the Park MGM side (near Moneyline Pizza) and played Sweet Tweets and my dad seemed to really enjoy it. We had several good wins on this. 


I must also say that, by this point, one piece of my slot machine “experise” was really paying off. I don’t really have a bunch of tricks or superstitions or anything like that, but I’ve picked up on the importance of playing a few more spins or so after a win on a machine. This isn’t some piece of wondrous insight you’ve never heard — many simply call it a “backup spin.” But no kidding, this paid off time after time after time for us. This would continue for my solo time as well. 

I’m not saying you should give back all of your money trying to “chase” anything, but simply 3-5 additional spins after a good bonus before you move on (unless you were already planning to keep playing the same machine for a while) should be a part of your gameplay, in my opinion. 

My theory here is that the machines have to stay within a pre-set hold percentage by law (Casinos can determine this for each machine and typically hold around 10% — though the legal requirement is no more than 25%, I believe) and that at some point machines start to correct to stay within the range. 

Regardless of the reason, this seems to work and I’ve continued to see this hold true for lots of Vegas vloggers as well since I really started paying attention to this theory.

Aria was really bumping and we decided to head towards Cosmo through the main Aria lobby. On the way we kept our eyes peeled and we finally decided we needed to give into the calls of Heidi at least once on the trip. 

Heidi always takes my money. She’s a greedy woman. The music is addictive and the theme is fun, but she’s done nothing but steal steal steal from me. 

Until tonight. 

12:08AM: Heidi 

We had put $100 in from our fund when we entered Aria. I think, by the time we left Park MGM, it was left from our $200 winnings at NYNY. 

We were nursing that amount all through Aria and we had $110 in credit when were were awarded 25 free games on Heidi! 

Now, mind you, I think I’ve only had free games on Heidi like once out of the dozen or so times I’ve played. I was thrilled! What a great way to end our gambling. 

I quickly noticed that we also had five wild jugs of beer that were “sticky,” meaning they would remain on every single spin. But there’s more! Four of the jugs were lined up together in rows 2, 3, and 4 so that they would hit every. single. time.

It’s easier to see — take a look at the picture. 

Before we knew it, we were awarded 10 additional spins. 

Then five more. 

Oh how I wish we were betting more than $1 (isn’t this what all gamblers say?)! I had placed a smaller bet because I didn’t want to blow through my money too quickly given my history with Heidi. Big mistake (though I’ll note my dad preferred to do low bets the entire time and we really got some nice wins, so who knows). 

We got big win after big win. 

Everything was hitting. 

By the time we were done, we had turned our $100 buy-in into $650! 

What a thrill! 

This $550 win was the biggest I’ve ever had, actually. 

We cashed out our ticket so quick and boogied back to our room like our pockets were filled with thousands. To us, we had won the grand jackpot. 

We got to the room, locked the door, and then jumped up and down and celebrated!! 


It took us a minute to sort the money and distribute our winnings (It took me a bit longer than my dad because… well math is hard, lol). 

I cracked open a beer in celebration and headed down to the Cosmo casino to cap off the night. I was determined, however, to ensure I ended the night a winner. 

It was already pretty late, so I definitely didn’t stay out long. I played my favorite, Top Dollar, yet again and lost. I poked around a few other games and it wasn’t looking very good. 

1:50am: Final win of the night

Okay, so it got later than I thought. So what? It’s Vegas!


As a finale to a great night, I won $80 on the High Stakes Lightning Link game, I cashed out and left a winner for the night overall (read: I lost money on this late night adventure, but nothing I couldn’t stomach). 

What a great day in Las Vegas! Tomorrow, we’ll explore a place that doesn’t exist.