This is a continuation from part three. The start of the series is here.

After the adventures from the night before, you’re probably thinking that I didn’t wake until noon or got up with a splitting headache and no energy to take on the world. 

You’d be wrong.

My last full day and only full solo day in Vegas? I was so pumped. 

9:30AM: Waking up in Vegas

I was up by about 9:30, which is decent considering how late I went to bed. I took in the breathtaking view from the balcony window and then went to go find the room service menu as was my plan. However, I kind of had a hankering for Moneyline Pizza. It’s been talked about so much on the Crap Vegas podcast and would fit perfectly into an art crawl. 

But then I decided to stick with the plan. I went to the tablet to order and… it was dead. I couldn’t seem to reconnect it to a charge. 

Yes, I could call down for room service but I really didn’t want to. Kids these days and phone calls, you know? 

So I gave up and decided to go out on the balcony and call my wife. As we spoke, she seemed a bit disappointed I wasn’t getting room service, but I had pretty much formulated my ideal plan. 

After our call I headed out towards Bellagio for a bit of a leisurely rest of the morning and a look at some art and the “finer things” around.

11:30AM: Bellagio Conservatory 

At the Bellagio conservatory I really spent my time soaking it in. It seemed more gorgeous than ever. A wonderful mix of blues and purples, it was a truly refreshing way to start the day. I took a bunch of photos and sent a quick video to my mom who loves all things purple. 

The 2023 summer display at the Bellagio Conservatory

I then took my time strolling through the back of Bellagio towards the tram and the art gallery. As I realized how much time had passed (it always goes quickly in Vegas) I decided to skip trying to find the gallery and take my first ride on the tram. 

One thing that I did find randomly interesting was something I saw at the pool on my walk. Earlier in the trip my dad and I were talking about the prevalence of lifeguards all around the pools and how they probably had to do this for insurance purposes. I thought this one lonely lifeguard (looking at his phone, even) watching over a tiny fountain pool with a few adults was a hilarious site. Oh, lawsuits! 


The tram really is way back there and makes you wonder how much time and walking it really saves. I got a bit confused and got off after only one stop, instead of two, so that I was dropped at the upper level of the Crystals shops. Now that definitely seemed like a waste of a “shortcut.” But I enjoyed my walk down through the shops and over to Aria and all the way through to the other side to Moneyline Pizza. 

It was right near where the second stop would have dropped me off. Just an extra kick to the teeth to realize that, really. 

I got two slices (which I knew was too much) of the pepperoni pizza and after a quick stint in the oven, my hot pieces were ready to go. Stacked on a plate I began the walk all the way back to Cosmo. 

All the way back to Cosmo. 

It took forever. 

12:30PM: Moneyline Pizza in the room

By the time I got back to the room it was still vaguely warm and the pizza was quite good. And looking at the time stamps on my pictures, I guess it wasn’t that long of a walk in terms of time since I was at the Bellagio Conservatory and all the way over to Moneyline and back to Cosmo in under an hour. But it was still very taxing. 

Anyways, covered in thick, cupping pepperoni, the pizza was quite greasy. It was also way too much food, but again, I knew what I was doing and at least having an overabundance made it seems slightly more worth the journey. I’m not sure it’s life-changing, but had I been at all efficient with my journey there or back, it probably wouldn’t have seemed so bad. 

I’m really looking forward to the new bridge between Vadara and Cosmo as that would surely have saved some steps. As it were, I had to traverse all of Aria, all of the Crystals shops, over the bridge to the second floor above the main casino area of Cosmo and then all the way towards the back to get to the elevators that are now conveniently close to that walkway. What a waste. 

1:00PM: Enjoying the room

I then decided to enjoy the amenities of the room. I turned my favorite sport — NASCAR — on both TVs and even set up my phone to watch as I drew a bath in the giant soaking tub. I was watching NASCAR, soaking in a huge tub, looking at the Las Vegas strip. It doesn’t get much better than this! Oh, add a beer! Now, it’s perfect. 

I also took some time to get a few great pictures of our Vegas icons shot glass. You can see in the background just how yucky the weather became for the rest of the trip.

A Las Vegas shot glass on the table of the balcony at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

After a brief nap, I turned on my Vegas playlist, got ready, and headed down to catch and Uber to the Mirage. 

I walked around the property a bit and took a fair number of pictures. As we all know, this property is set to change dramatically and so I’m taking every opportunity to enjoy its current state so I can look back on it fondly and groan on about “the good ole days” a few years from now. Ha! 

4:59: Rhumbar (Mirage)

I was really excited about trying Rhumbar as I’d never made it happen. It was just before 5pm (they open at 4pm) and I headed straight into the bar area. It was very quiet, but I enjoyed the heck out of a mojito. After talking to the mixologist (seems more appropriate than “bartender” for a nicer place like this, huh?) he gave me some extra coasters and a pack of matches with nice Rhumbar branding. 

5:30 Facetime adventures

By 5:30, I was on Facetime with my buddy, Jake, and walking the strip like he was right there with me. He had hidden a Las Vegas Merch Co. sticker somewhere and I was on a scavenger hunt to find it. 

This whole experience on Facetime was definitely one of the most fun times I had on the trip. He had some really clever clues, but I know Vegas a bit too well so I made quick work of it. I found myself in Gilley’s at Treasure Island, on Facetime, looking like an idiot walking all around the place. 

It turns out it had already been cleaned off (we kind of expected it might have been since it was placed months earlier), but was originally on one of the wooden pillars that forms the fence around the mechanical bull. 

This didn’t at all take away from the entertainment. 

We stayed on Facetime as I meandered a bit more and eventually made it into the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian (I was headed towards the Atomic Saloon show). 

I signed off and made my way up to the show only to find that I was a half hour early for doors. So, back on Facetime, “we” walked around some more until it was time to go in. 

7:00PM: Atomic Saloon

Once I did make it inside, I was delighted to find out that they had some food for sale, as my stomach was really calling out for something solid. I was worried I was going to have to buy several empty ice cream cones to munch on from a nearby shop! 

I ordered a vodka RedBull (Regular, of course — no sugar-free on vacation!) and a hot dog which was served just before the show started. 

This hot dog was good. Vegas knows how to do some hot dogs… it was clearly an upgraded beef (and for like $12 it had better be), piping hot and fresh, and just delicious. 

The Atomic Saloon show is an adventure. From the moment you walk in, you’re transported to the old American west — right down to highly-themed bathrooms and older, wicker-style chairs with wooden back supports. 

Some of the characters were walking around and the pre-show music was fascinatingly delightful. 

The crowd, by the time the show started, was okay, but I was a bit shocked that it was maybe only 70% full. Perhaps even a bit less. 

The energy was still pretty good and the performers certainly didn’t seem to be bothered. 

The show is downright raunchy. I don’t know if it’s as embarrassingly bad as Absinthe, but raunchy. It also failed to give me uncontrollable laughter like Absinthe, but it was still pretty good. There’s much more of a plot which is nice. The variety show performers, however, were not as spectacular, but to their credit, they do have a really small space to work with.

In fact, the space is just small overall. So for it to not be completely full (I can’t imagine there’s even 200 seats) makes me concerned about their profitability, but I suppose that’s not really for me to lose sleep over. 

Unfortunately, I have to say that the show, though fun, was disappointing overall. Of course, after Absinthe, I had outrageously-high expectations for anything produced by Spiegalworld.

Most of my disappointment stems from just how extreme they took the anti-Christian theme. I’m far from a Bible-thumper, but had these shots been taken at nearly any other religious group, (or any other segment an employer would get in trouble for discriminating against), cancelation nation would be out in full force… and rightfully so.  

I really did almost walk out at one point. 

I won’t be going back, but not every show has to be right for every person. I’m sure I’ll be back to another Spiegalworld production (probably Absinthe) in a trip report near you. 

After the show, I headed out for a full Caesars casino crawl. It was still before midnight and my Caesars gambling day instead of MGM. 

9:00PM: Exploring the strip

But before my first Caesars property, I stopped at Casino Royale. I always look forward to this stop, as I do love this dive of a joint. See? I’m well-rounded. I love the dives that are supposed to be dives and the luxurious properties that are supposed to be luxurious. 

Unfortunately, Caesars properties overall tend to fit right into a lukewarm middle ground. 

9:30PM: Harrah’s

I then went over to Harrah’s and spent some time inside for the first time in years. It really lacks a personality, but a series of quick wins on a Wolf Run Gold game gained it some points in my book. The other thing it has going for it is the dueling piano bar which I enjoyed from the outside window for a while. 

Then I was over to the Linq before running back briefly to Harrahs since I forgot to cash out my ticket (I have a bad habit of doing this). 

10:00PM Linq

At the Linq, I chose an 88 Fortune game (which is kind of a rarity for me) that was really a bit too rich for my blood. I think the minimum bet was $3.60. But I ordered a Coors and so it, of course, kept me on the machine. 

Then the waitress didn’t come back. Finally, I flagged her down (politely, of course!) to ask and she apologized and told me how it wasn’t really her section. She asked me to please not complain! Lol 

But thankfully she came back pretty quickly… though with a Corona. I’ll take it. 

After what was almost exactly a $50 loss (plus tip), it was an expensive beer. 

I walked out through O’sheas, and briefly contemplated trying to get a famous frozen bailey’s (I still haven’t had one of these legends!), but took a pass. I remembered to cash out my ticket (I may have had to backtrack very briefly) and then went over to Flamingo. 

10:20PM: Flamingo

Eh. Another not-so-memorable time and I was out pretty quick just a hair down. I forgot to cash out this $40 ticket…

11:00PM: Horseshoe

I then made it over to the new Horseshoe as I typically have good luck here and enjoy the gambling for some reason. 

I lost and lost on a stupid Buffalo Gold Revolution game (when will I learn?!) and after waiting painfully long for another beer (see, that’s how they get you), I finally pressed start on a bonus I hit. 

Down another $60-80, I was looking forward to clawing some back on this game. I’m always optimistic of these bonuses, despite having absolutely no reason to be. 

When it was all said and done, my $1.20 bet resulted in a $3.60 bonus. 

I was going to gamble in Paris and maybe even Planet Hollywood, but I had had enough of Caesars for so many reasons on this trip.

Good riddance, Caesars (I literally said this out loud after the bonus). 

11:36PM: dash for the fountains

By this point, since the Caesars run was kind of a bust, I wanted to get back to the Bellagio fountains for the last nighttime show of my trip. So I rushed through Paris, past the now-defunct dueling piano bar, Napoleons (I used to love this place with my wife) and out under the Eiffel Tower towards the intersection to cross the street. 

Napoleon's piano bar at Paris Las Vegas

11:55PM: Bellagio fountain show final performances of the night

I literally made it just in time for “I’m proud to be an American” and the national anthem. I took in the beauty of the fountains and counted my blessings for being able to take this trip and have the experience of a lifetime with my dad. 

I head back up to the room for a few minutes of relaxation and enjoyment of the view. 

1:00AM: Cosmopolitan gambling

I was back to the casino by 1AM and within minutes had an $80 bonus on Miss Kitty. 

Next, I fairly quickly hit a 160 credit ($80) offer on Top Dollar

A bonus on the Top Dollar slot machine at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The rest of the night’s gambling would continue to be a thrill. I played a bit of video roulette at the “table” nearest Top Dollar. I won some money using a new strategy I picked up from YouTube. Not a ton (maybe like $30?) but it made me feel like a winner and the strategy is essentially a risk-averse way to make your money last quite a while without just playing colors or odds and evens. So I was happy. I took myself right back over to Top Dollar and quickly scored another small bonus. 

Then, I went on to get a bonus on Conan and then Huff n’ More Puff! Boom. 

I played a lot. So though I had a lot of bonuses, they put me just about $50 down for the night (which I was very happy with). When left the room at 1am, I took the final $200 of today’s budget. With the final $150 in my pocket (and apparently a $40 Flamingo ticket I had forgotten to cash out), I looked for one last game…

3:20AM: The grand finale

As I started to aim my slot machine crawl towards the elevators, I saw an open spot at Planet Moolah. 

It had been packed everywhere we went all trip and I’d only got to play it a few times. But it’s one of my favorites. I wouldn’t normally squeeze in between two players, but given the scarcity of seats, the impending end of the trip, and the liquid courage in my veins, I sat right down. 

I’m sure glad I did. 

I won a small bonus or two, and then, it happened. 

I’ve heard rumors of an epic bonus available on this game. You hear whispers about the existence of this creature, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the wild. 

Yes, I found the Mythical Unicow. No, really. That’s what it’s called. Look it up. 

The Unicow slot bonus on Planet Moolah at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

My only regret is that I hit it on like a minimum bet…$0.75. Funny how you always wish you were betting more when you hit a big bonus, huh? 

Despite this, I enjoyed a 20-minute-long 150 free spin bonus and a $364 win. My neighbors thought I was sure to get a hand pay when it started, so apparently the results are a little disappointing to most (or they didn’t notice my weak 75 cent bet amount). 

But I was thrilled to find this special creature and enjoy 30 minutes of non-stop winning while chatting it up with the local timeshare salesman who came in to gamble next to me after they ended their shift. 

I finished my gambling just a bit after 4AM, so for more than three hours of extensive fun, I got paid $350. That’s a big win in my books (really, I count anything over finishing even as a win if I played enough and had fun).

I made a quick stop at the front desk to ask for a late checkout (I told them I had a “big bonus” which I’m sure they guessed was at least a few grand… lol) and was granted noon. 

After spending a few more minutes winding down on the balcony, I called it a night…