I booked my October trip to Las Vegas for a specific purpose. I’m a member of the Kansas City Parrothead Club (a Jimmy Buffett social and fan club with a charitable and party side, essentially). 

As a perk, we get early access to great tickets to Jimmy Buffett concerts and when I found out that he was coming to Las Vegas and members of my club were going… I was all in. Vegas and Buffett in one trip?! Heck yeah. 

But less than two weeks away from the trip everything would change. So, you’re going to get two agenda’s here, sort of. I’ll start with the original. 


I was going to fly in early on Friday morning. A 6:50 departure from MCI would land me in Vegas by 7:50 local time. That’s early enough to quickly get to the strip and check in before the madness of the day starts.

We’d be staying at The Flamingo, of course. It’s a Jimmy Buffett weekend and that’s where all the action would be (I mean, come on, that’s where you’ll find Margaritaville Las Vegas — and a Margaritaville-themed slots area). 

After leaving my bags with the bellman and paying for early check in (I’m assuming I still won’t have a place immediately available), I’d walk the strip to Cabo Wabo outside of the Miracle Mile Shops and Planet Hollywood. 

I wanted breakfast with a view, but also didn’t want a buffet or something too pretentious, expensive, or troublesome. Cabo Wabo would be a great mix because I could splurge on a couple of main items without breaking the bank. 

There’s still a chance I change my mind and end up at a the famed Mona Mi Gabi, The Henry, or if my group wants to meet for breakfast near the hotel — Hash House a Go Go. 

See, I’d be spending this first day mostly solo — maybe with a check-in to meet up with my Parrothead “Phriends” for a meal or to coordinate some things. 

After breakfast, I’d be pretty close to Cosmo, so I’d walk through there for the smell and to pump me up for a great time. Then, I’d head through Crystals and over to City Center — Aria, in particular — to enjoy some of the fine art Vegas has to offer. 

After this, my plan was to head over to Bellagio for the conservatory and other calm Vegas morning enjoyments. I was to call this my art crawl. I’d work my way back towards the Flamingo, stopping at a CVS along the way for supplies, and then go check into my room by around 1pm. 

From there, the plan was to head to downtown Las Vegas and go to more of the casinos on Fremont that I kind of skipped last time in favor of more time at The Plaza and Circa. 

At around 8pm, I’d Uber to the Planet Hollywood and go to a small comedy show in the Miracle Mile Shops — The Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. 

That show would be done around 10pm and spit me back out by the Cosmo and Bellagio so I could enjoy the evening with the fountains and gambling at Cosmo. I’d stop by Dirt Dog on the way back to the Flamingo.


Saturday, the plan was to spend the entire day with my Parrothead Phriends at the Flamingo Go Pool. There was a special Jimmy Buffett pre-party and we had reserved an outrageously expensive cabana ($350 a person) with VIP access, bottle service, and just all of “the works.”  

Here’s a video of previous Buffett pre-party at Flamingo

Then, we’d take the monorail to MGM Grand for the show. 

Afterwards, I’d probably leave the group and go explore New-York, New-York and work my way down the strip, stopping at Shake Shack for a quick meal. 


Sunday, I’d cash in my Luxor TITO (ticket in, ticket out) that I left town with last time. I’d enjoy the day center strip or even making my way briefly back downtown if I wanted. 

My flight was scheduled to leave at 7:25, so I’d head to the airport around 5:30. I booked an extra day at the hotel again, so I wouldn’t need to worry about checking out. 

Everything changes. 

Like I said, that all went out the window about 10 days before the trip.

Jimmy Buffett Announcement Cancelling Concert Dates in 2022 including Las Vegas


I really liked my original plan, so I’m actually writing this on the day that I received the news. I’ve spent much of it debating plans and trying to determine my best course of action. 

I really want to still go, and for a while it looked like the whole group may go anyways (they’ve since changed their mind), but it could be wise to save my money and trouble for another trip in the future. 

Ultimately, it looks like I can push things back a day but still go on the same general weekend and I’ll save $300+ in flights and hotel. Plus, I’ll receive back my ticket money from the concert (I’ve asked for a refund, unfortunately) and the $350 from the cabana rental plan. 

Depending on what I plan for the weekend, I could really come out looking like a winner and still have a great time. 

As of now, and with some encouragement from my wife, it looks like I’m going to go. But the plan is to sleep on it and continue to weigh my options. Then, I’ll fill you in on the updated itinerary!


I’m going!

No surprise there, huh?\

I’m just a few days away from leaving and, though I have an itinerary laid out in my calendar, I wanted to go ahead and start an actual post about it. I feel that I need to write these before I go on my trips or they won’t be a true reflection of my “before” thoughts.

Day 1: Saturday

10:00am: Flight lands

I’m flying in on Saturday and won’t land until around 10am. That will give me time to check in (hopefully into an actual room) and Uber to Aria for part of my art crawl. 

I’ve decided to still stay at The Flamingo. It’s not my first choice and I know it’s become run down, but I got one of the “renovated” rooms and paid for an upgraded strip view as well. If I’m going to experience it, this might be the time. So I’m going to lean into the experience! 

MGM Properties seem to be my future after this trip. 

12:00pm: The Henry

At noon, I’ve got a reservation at The Henry. I decided this was most likely my best chance for a nicer sit down meal and I wanted breakfast. I’d be too late for Cabo Wabo breakfast, so The Henry it is. 

And it’s in Cosmo, so what could go wrong? 

From there, I’ll explore the Bellagio Conservatory and then eventually make my way back towards the CVS on the strip to get supplies for the hotel room. 

3:00pm Fremont Street Experience / Downtown Las Vegas

After I drop off supplies, I’ll head to Fremont street for an afternoon and early evening full of fun. 

I’ll probably start the cocktails at this point with an eye for trying specialty ones at various places (Whiskey Liquor Up, Vegas Vickie’s, Overhand Bar, the Sand Dollar, etc.).

I plan to get Pizza Rock or Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza again. I’m looking forward to this. 

This will also be a good opportunity to get some pics of my downtown Las Vegas Merchandise.

7:00pm Resorts world 

At 7pm, I’ll head over to Resorts World to get ready for an 8pm Katy Perry show. 

8:00pm Katy Perry

So excited. It’s nearing the end of her scheduled residency and I thought about seeing her with Kathryn. I owe Kathryn for the nudge to make that my show of choice on this night. 

After the show (or perhaps before) I’m going to try to make it for a cocktail in Gatsby’s. Hopefully I’ll be dressed well enough, but we’ll see! 

11:00pm: Mirage and Volcano Show

Then, I hope to make it to the Mirage to see one last Volcano show (again) and gamble at an MGM property. I may try to continue what I’m starting to call my “cocktail crawl” by hitting up Rhumbar on the Mirage property. 

What is a cocktail crawl? Well, as I’ve made up just now, it’s where I try to focus on trying a variety of “fancy” cocktails at various bars instead of just getting something simple or starting on the beers for the evening. I felt like last time I only had a couple of unique / high-end cocktails and I want to do better this time. 

The downside to this plan is that it could be more time consuming, more expensive, and a lot heavier on the sugar intake. We’ll see how long the crawl actually lasts. 

12:00pm East Side casino crawl

I’ll then make my way down the East side of the strip on the Venetian / Casino Royale side and end my night at the Flamingo. 

However, it’s totally possible I wind up at Dirt Dog before the end of the night. If I’m feeling it, I’m going to go because I don’t want to miss the opportunity while I’m in Vegas and I’m not sure where it fits in! 

I might also “accidentally” take a left out of Mirage and spend a minute at Treasure Island or its on-property entertainment destinations like Gilley’s or Senor Frog’s. 

Finally, I’m also reserving the right to end up at Harrah’s Piano bar or Carnival Court. 

Day 2: Sunday

10:30am: Check-in at The Go Pool at the Flamingo

Today is going to be a lot about the pool party / Flamingo experience. I may never stay at The Flamingo again, so I want to embrace it. I’ve also always seen the cool pool parties / clubs and kind of been interested, but not enough to spend a fortune, wait in line forever, be made to feel bad about my wardrobe, and then be packed in with a bunch of sweaty young people and unable to get a drink. 

So… based on what I’ve heard about this pool, it seems like a good mix. And I can get a daybed for $75 and have a server and a dedicated / guaranteed place to sit. 

And since it’s at the hotel I’m staying at, I can also go back to the room or hangout in the hotel whenever I’d like. I can leave the property for a while and do something totally different. I have the spot from 9am until 6pm. I’m going to make the most of it. 

Note that the daybed also comes with a minimum food and beverage spend of $75. That actually won’t go very far with the prices at the pool, but a cheeseburger in paradise and a number of fun cocktails are in my future. 

I’m also going to bring some earplugs and a book and just make a great day out of it. 

That evening, between the pool and a 9pm ticket for The Las Vegas Live Comedy Club (I had to buy another as they wouldn’t move my previous ticket), I have some free time. 

6:00pm Go with the flow

I have a number of ideas about how I’ll spend this time and I think I’ll try to “go with the flow.” Options include dinner / hanging out at the Linq Promenade or Harrah’s cocktail bar, going to Luxor, Going to New-York, New-York, or taking the monorail all the way down to Sahara and spending a minute there and at the Strat. I’d kind of like to see the huge Las Vegas sign and showgirls display they have there now. 

I even have, “Fremont Street Redux” penciled in as an option if I didn’t get my fill the night before.

9:00PM Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

After the 9pm comedy club show, I’ll be at Planet Hollywood, so I’ll spend some time in that area, but really this will be a more dedicated time to see the Bellagio fountains at night and gamble at The Cosmopolitan. 

The rest of the night is free for the taking, so I may keep in mind that this is another night that I could head back late and still experience the piano bar at Harrah’s, Carnival Court, or other things I’ve missed. 

Throughout this day I’ll also be keeping a bit of tabs on Football, but mostly on the latest NASCAR updates. 

Day 3: Monday 

This is my last day in Vegas and my flight leaves at 9:15pm. So, my time is up, essentially, at 7:15pm. 

11:00am RevIV

This morning, I’ve booked a RevIV treatment at Cosmo. By now, I’ll probably really need it. That will also be something to help make sure I get out of bed and out the door at a decent time (still 11am, so plenty of time to get a wink of sleep after a late night). 

As with the last trip, I also reserve the right to cancel my appointment if I wake up feeling great. 

12:00pm Cosmopolitan

From there, I may get lunch at Cosmo, hit up the Chandelier bar (especially if I haven’t been yet) and do some gambling. 

Then, I plan to get over to Luxor and see where things go from there. 

I have tentative plans to see Big Elvis at the Harrah’s piano bar, but he starts at 2pm, I believe. 

4pm: David Copperfield?

At 4pm, I have tentative plans to see David Copperfield at MGM Grand. Now, I’m a bit apprehensive because I know he’s had some less-than-stellar reviews recently and his show may be dated. But it’s one of those names and shows that grabs attention, and I’d like to say that I saw him. 

Plus, it’s one of the only afternoon shows available — especially on a Monday. 

All of that said, it’s the only show that I haven’t booked tickets for yet because this day is meant to be pretty free. Another good opportunity for pictures of Las Vegas Gifts and Souvenirs. It’s also driving me a bit crazy. But things that I missed or haven’t done yet — now will be the time. 

I may go back down to Fremont street, hit up New-York, New-York (which would work out conveniently after the Copperfield show across the street, honestly), go to Beer Park, Carnival Court, Sahara and the Strat or one of many other options! 

We’ll see. 

7:15pm: Head to the Airport

That pretty much wraps up my trip plans. It’s going to be incredibly quick, but I’m looking forward to making the most of every single second. You better believe that I will — even if “the most” means relaxing by my hotel room window and reveling in the fact that I’m in my favorite place. 

Las Vegas is waiting… see you soon!