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Richard Wilcock’s Trip Report: April 2023

Day 1

Kathryn and I arrived on Tuesday 4th April from the U.K. Our first full day was yesterday and what a way to start…

We’re staying at Excalibur for 10 nights. The room, if I’m honest, is a little dated and the view isn’t good. But it’s clean and the beds are really comfortable. And I’ll just add that, if you take a lot of notice of details in your room, then you’re doing vegas all wrong. The room is to shower sleep and repeat

We had a late rise as we were absolutely shattered due to travel. So, we had a lazy brunch from Shake Shack (the double loaded fries were fantastic and a good amount for two), and sat in the sun to people watch. 

Shake Shack in Las Vegas Nevada

The weather is about 15/17 degrees celsius (about 60F) and very sunny. After we had a casual wander in and out of casinos and a cheeky pint at Blondies. It was expensive, but they do an amazing happy hour — $30 all you can drink from 3-5pm. We headed back to the room for a shower and change of clothes for the main event of the day.

Maroon 5 at Park MGM: They absolutely rocked the joint. The arena is amazing. If you get chance to go, even if you’re not a fan, do it. We were sitting in the very back row in the gods — cost $70 each — and the view was fantastic.

Day two is another lazy day with a big evening…

Day 2

After a late night, we took in the buffet brunch at the Excalibur. We had a 2 for 1 voucher and I have to say it was really good. 

The food was fresh and hot, and they replaced everything very quickly. The afternoon was spent walking the strip and visiting casinos. The aim is to collect a $1 chip from every casino we visit and then mount it when we get home.

In the evening, we finally, after 4 years of talking on Facebook, met up with two lovely people and went to see the Vegas Golden Knights play. It was a great evening and I think we built a very long lasting friendship.

Day 3

Day three is done and it’s all going so fast :(  

We started with a stroll and lunch at Sirrico’s pizza in NY NY which was absolutely delicious. 

We had a quick walk around Park MGM and looked around the Lady Gaga exhibition/store. 

Then it was time to meet up with another friend I met through a Golden Knights Facebook group. 

We were off to Henderson for a Silver Knights game and dinner at Craggy Range. The food again was absolutely banging and the beer was fantastic, too. 

A cheeky donut or two on the way back to the room and a good sleep.

Day 4

It’s going way too fast as it always does. On day four we had breakfast at Ellis Island which is always the best. We had steak and eggs, toast, and unlimited coffee for two. All of that was a little over $26 — amazing. 

We walked it off by visiting the Horseshoe (still Ballys but different signage), Paris, Cosmopolitan and Aria. 

The Weather was good, so we sat and had a few beers watching the VGK outside the Beerhaus.

Then, we went out to see Katy Perry at Resort World. 

She was absolutely amazing and put on a great, if not bizarre, show for just under 2 hours. I won’t post videos on here so as not to spoil it if anyone is going.

A couple of wins during the day meant we were up on our budget which is always good.

Day 5

A late night the night before meant a gentle start to day five. 

We decided we would casino hop and then hit Fremont later that evening.

We started at Park and caught the free tram up to the Bellagio.  This is a fantastic idea for those who have difficulty walking but want to venture up the strip. 

The flower gardens inside were beautiful. We zig zagged back and forth working our way up towards Mirage/Treasure island. Having a gamble and get a few drinks from the serving ladies (cheapest way of getting a beer, tip the ladies a couple dollars they do a great service) called off at Casino Royale for a cheap hotdog who seem to have ditched the hotdog and beer deal. 

We had a great win at Harrahs — so that made our day. 

In the early evening, we hopped over to Fremont. Uber prices vary byt time of day. 

Fremont street looks amazing — it’s lively and always busy. I’m not going to complain about beggars and smack heads. It’s been commented on before and we don’t know individual backgrounds. 

We ate at Denny’s as it was an easy option. The food was really good, to be fair, and $45 for both was a great price, too.

Day 6 

The weather was getting hotter so we decided to have our first ever pool day. This is our fourth trip to Las Vegas and we usually run around like headless chickens cramming as much in as possible.  But with a longer stay this time, we’ve been able to just calm it down a little.

So the pool at Excalibur was fantastic. We got there around 11am and there were still plenty of sun beds. Of course, remember this is still April. 

The pool was warm and was shallow enough for all you guys with kids —  3ft deep all the way through.

The food and drinks were hotel prices, so if you’re on a budget, do a CVS the night before and take it with you. For a beer and a tall frozen cocktail it was $54. We also had a snack, chicken tenders and wedges for £20 including tip. These were enough for two people.

In the evening, we ate at Gonzalez Y Gonzalez in NY NY and it was soooo good. I had the pulled beef burrito and Kathryn had crispy tacos. We also had the lady make table side guacamole that was just amazing. The meal for two was $71 including a couple of drinks, but it was well worth it. Sorry there are no pics but we forgot to take some and ate the lot.

Day 7

Day seven. it’s going way too fast.

Another gentle day today as we think Kathryn could have broken her toe. 

We casino hopped (literally) and had a few wins, too, which helped the day along. 

We had lunch at Panda Express, and I know it’s not Gordon Ramsey, but it’s something we’ve done every trip. The food was fresh and very tasty and not badly priced for the strip.

Last night was our final trip to the T-Mobile arena to see the VGK. Once again, we met some friends in person who I’ve only ever spoken to on Facebook previously. Anyone coming to vegas between October and May — even if you’re not a hockey fan — try and get a game in. It’s a show for sure and you’ll love the atmosphere.

Afterwards, we gambled at Park MGM and had another little win. Then, hungry, we headed to Top Round Roast Beef. The sandwiches were really good and the cheese-topped potato tots were just yummy.

Day 8

This is an editor’s note to say that Richard never originally posted a day 8 update. We’ve kept the original format in this guest post. So… may the eighth day forever live in Richard and Kathryn’s hearts and forever be a mystery to us ;) 

Day 9

So our final full day…

Day nine started with the last day run to Ellis Island. Who can’t resist steak and eggs at $10? It was again very good.  This sets you up for the day, and at $32 for both including orange juice and a pot of coffee, it’s a no brainer. We visited the gift shop just on the corner near Ellis Island. Drop in and buy your tat from these guys being off the strip they need your business.


We’ve had a good visit regarding winnings, I don’t offer many money tips but here’s mine especially regarding money: Before coming out, divide all the cash you’re bringing into separate envelopes — one for each day. It’s sooooo easy to get carried away in first few days and blow the lot and leave yourselves short the rest of your stay. Only open one envelope a day and stick to budget. Anything you win will then be a bonus at the end.

We drifted through the casinos making our way to the fashion show shopping centre passing the new dome, which is spectacular, calling to complete our $1 chip collection at Treasure Island and Wynn and onto Tiffany’s .

Kathryn has dropped 3 x major jackpots (machine in pictures) while here so it was her treat.

Micheal Kors bag first and then to Tiffany’s.

It was now early evening, so we walked back to Beerhaus for some food. Burger and a Brisket sandwich came to about $40, but it was really good. Then, a VGK game before an early night ready for home. 


Day 10 

Good evening from Harry Reid airport and what should be my last post on this trip to Las Vegas.

Today was checkout day at The Excalibur. So, at 11am, we vacated the room and left the baggage at the bell desk. Quick tip: It was very busy so avoid the queue by ringing the desk and have someone come get your baggage from the room, give the guy a tip. It’s worth it.

We went for a stroll to get some last minute gifts and a VGK jersey for myself. We ate at The Earl of Sandwich which was surprisingly good (sorry, forgot to take pics). The food and drink cost around $30, so not too bad.

Hopping to and from casino to pass the time we went back to Excalibur, got our bags, and tipped the bell hop. Uber to airport cost $14. Inside airport we ate at PGA tour grill and it was lovely food was really fresh and tasty cost $45 with tip.

So that’s that where we are now — delayed for 2 hours, I hope some of these ramblings have been helpful. This was our 4th trip. 

<3 Las Vegas