• A classy, stylish shirt depicting some of downtown Vegas' most famous icons. This shirt, made by Canvas, is super soft and incredibly durable. Like the neon you’ll find all around Vegas (and real neon still reigns king in downtown Las Vegas, especially), this shirt is dark, but the icons it depicts shine bright against the backdrop.  You’ll be proud to wear this shirt while in Vegas, but most importantly, you’ll wear it when you get home, too.  positive testimonial
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  • You want a nice shirt with the Las Vegas strip on it — not the $3.99 mistake you bought on Fremont. This is the classic Las Vegas Merch Co. Skyline Shirt. Sharp, soft, and durable, you'll be proud to wear it — even when you're back home. It says, "Yeah, I go to Vegas, but I'm classy when I'm there (until that first Fat Tuesday kicks in)." It's a Canvas brand shirt that runs slightly longer than average and is just a tad fitted. If you're between sizes and don't like a snug fit, go up a size. positive testimonial
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  • Ever dreamed of putting your lips up to Vegas Vic or Vegas Vickie?  Whether you’re doing shots in your room before hitting Fremont street or you’re back home wishing you were, this Las Vegas shot glass with two of the city’s most famous icons will put a smile on your face and a stumble in your step.  It makes an incredibly thoughtful gift for a fan of Vegas and a sweet, sweet addition to your personal home bar collection.  All of our Las Vegas shot glasses are durable, machine washable, and beautiful. positive testimonial
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  • The best gift of the year or the ultimate self-indulgence? Either way, this Las Vegas gift box is guaranteed to bring a smile to any Vegas enthusiast. It includes a little bit of everything — including real, casino-used dice and cards.
    You can't go wrong with this Vegas gift box. Each one includes:
    - Authentic Las Vegas T-shirt
    - Premium mug of your choice
    - Authentic, quality Las Vegas Merch Co shot glass
    - Real, casino-used dice
    - Real, casino-used cards (jokers not included)
    - Vegas icons Sticker
    - Las Vegas Happy Place Sticker
    - And a bonus!
    Pick your options below — scroll down t-shirt description for size options.
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  • Guys — meet your new favorite shirt. The best place on earth (Vegas, duh) meets a supremely soft, slightly fitted, and incredibly handsome shirt. It's a Vegas t-shirt that's just for men — so it fits like it should and makes you look good. Finally —  a Vegas shirt that won't just collect dust when you get home! Trust us, this will quickly earn a spot on your wardrobe rotation. No glitter. No neon. Just one damn sexy shirt.  Featuring depictions of the strip's most popular resorts, the skyline is nicely sketched and as inviting as the moment you catch your first glimpse from the plane.  This particular Vegas skyline t-shirt features New-York, New-York, the Luxor, Wynn and Encore, Stratosphere, Paris Las Vegas, and more! positive testimonial
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  • Do you have a favorite coffee shop on the Vegas strip? There are more than 30 Starbucks alone! But you won’t find this handsome, bold, classic-looking Las Vegas Coffee Mug at any of them.  From the moment you lay eyes on the skyline each morning to the moment you see the bottom of the mug after that last sip of caffeine heaven (or whatever adult beverage you’re sneaking around with), you’ll thank your lucky Elvis doll that you found this mug.  The Vegas-red interior matches perfectly with the famous Las Vegas Merch Co. signature script. It makes a great gift, but is even more fun to keep for yourself.  And don’t worry. Your new favorite mug is machine washable, microwavable, and sexy AF. positive testimonial
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  • Steve’s tower’s are beautiful, aren’t they? Built by mogul Steve Wynn — the same Vegas icon that built the Bellagio, Golden Nugget, Mirage, and Treasure Island — they are the epitome of Vegas elegance and luxury.  Visitors in the early 2010s would be greeted in Taxis by Steve’s raspy voice outlining his love for his new towers. This particular store owner still thinks of that every time he hears Wynn’s name. In fact, the buildings are so beautifully designed that Resorts World almost copied the look (no really, it was a whole thing).  This shirt celebrates Wynn’s namesake tower and his encore performance (get it?).  The shirt is a high quality, Canvas shirt that will hold up for years. Just the kind of quality you’d expect from Las Vegas Merch Co.'s shirts. positive testimonial
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  • One of the absolute nicest, highest quality items we sell at Las Vegas Merch Co., this weekender bag is absolutely stunning.  It’s the epitome of Vegas class.  Quite large at nearly 24 inches long and 13 inches wide — it’s big enough to hold your towels, sunscreen, a couple of books and more (really, we’re not kidding).  But this isn’t something you hand to the kids or get sloppy with — it’s a luxurious bag for those who fancy a day at the Wynn, Bellagio, or Aria.  Featuring a print of our Bellagio fountain watercolor and the famous Las Vegas Merch Co. script, it’s Vegas enough to make you proud, but subtle enough to enjoy anywhere you go. positive testimonial
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  • (Battle) Born out of a passion for Las Vegas history, this instantly iconic shirt pays its respect to the classic Las Vegas showgirl. Inspired by the decades-long run of Lido De Paris at Stardust, this shirt reflects the mid-century modern era of Las Vegas.  The pink in this design is bright. The showgirl is stunning. The typeface is bold and wonderful.  You won’t find this design — or this quality — anywhere else.  You’ll be proud to wear it in Las Vegas, but you’ll be proud to wear it when you get back, too.  If you're feeling nostalgic for Las Vegas, this will cure... errr... this will probably make it worse. But it'll hurt so good. It’s perfect for all genders, for yourself, or as a gift. Trust us, it will be the best purchase you make today. Unless you buy a flight to Vegas. Then it’ll be the second best purchase you make today.  It’s a Canvas, unisex shirt. So yeah — it’s soft and really durable. This baby holds up. It runs slightly longer than your average shirt. It’s got a bit of a fitted shape. It’s not much, but if you’re between sizes, you may prefer to go up one.  positive testimonial
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  • Want a fun, souvenir-like shirt that's not the same as everyone else shopping the bargain bins off Fremont? Want something that will actually hold up? This is it. You’ll be proud to wear this shirt while in Vegas, but most importantly, you’ll wear it when you get home, too.  Great for guys, gals, young, old, and anyone fun. Works for Las Vegas bachelorette party or Vegas bachelor party shirt. It’s a Canvas, unisex shirt. So yeah — it’s soft and really durable. This baby holds up. It runs slightly longer than your average shirt. It’s got a slightly fitted shape, but we kind of hate to even say that because it’s so minor. But if you’re between sizes you may prefer to go up one.  positive testimonial
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  • Yeti products are the epitome of high-quality drinkware on the go. So you know we had to create our own Las Vegas Yeti line.  This genuine, white Yeti tumbler is artfully emblazoned with the Las Vegas sign. No extra frills. No extra branding. Just pure Yeti and pure Vegas. We use a state-of-the-art laser and set each tumbler by hand for a finished product that will leave your fellow Vegas nerds super jealous. This setup is not available from anywhere but Las Vegas Merch Co.  Almost everyone loves a Yeti and we all understand how valuable they are. So it makes a great gift or special treat for yourself.  Keep your coffee hot for your morning “bean water run” slot session and your margaritas cold for your afternoon strip walk.  The anti-spill lid helps keep you dry if you get a little tipsy, too.
    • Cupholder compatible
    • Leak resistant
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Double-wall vacuum insulated
    positive testimonial
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  • There are 125 Starbucks in Las Vegas. But none of them sell a mug as awesome as this. Plus, when you’re back home, you’ll need a reminder of Las Vegas that’s bold, but still classy enough to take to work. This is the Las Vegas coffee mug you’ve been looking for. Bellagio watercolor art graces the side of this masterpiece and the sky perfectly matches the blue interior. That is, when it’s not holding a full cup of whisk… coffee, of course.  It sucks to leave Vegas, but every time you use this cup you’ll smile a little on the inside. Rest easy — your new go-to coffee mug is machine washable, durable, microwavable, and sexy AF. positive testimonial
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