Shot Glasses

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Doing shots (or taking shots?) at home or in Las Vegas? Those plastic red cups are cool, but you’re not in high… err… college any more. It’s time for big girl shot glasses — and not the 99 cent kind that turn your vodka slightly purple (it happens when you drunk-shop at cheap Vegas souvenir stores).

Get Las Vegas-themed shot glasses you’ll be proud of. Shot glasses that you’ll have to lock up with the good liquor so your friends don’t pocket them.

Las Vegas Merch Co. shot glasses are high-quality and thoughtfully created to respect the history, culture, and AH-mazing city that is Las Vegas.

We’re not calling you a heavy drinker, but you can bet these shot glasses will come in handy when you’re in Las Vegas, but long, long, after you get home, too.

I mean these things really hold up.

We’ve tested these shot glasses every night this week.

We’re testing then rightnow actually. Can tehy handlle fuour shots? You beetya. you can’t assay we dnot do our reasarch. tey hhold up after fve shoots too!!

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