Geeze, standards for pools in Las Vegas are high. And, of course, I’m glad that they are because competition brings out the best in anything. 

But the Planet Hollywood pool — The Scene — gets a bad rap. Now, whether you agree obviously depends on what you’re looking for. If you expect dozens of models to walk around and provide bottle service like they’re straight out of a magazine, you’re probably going to be disappointed and join the many who give it less-than-stellar reviews.

Wild parties with live, big-name DJs, fireworks, and tons of showmanship? Nope. Not getting that, either. 

But a pool that actually feels accessible to regular people? Check? 

One with great music, decent service, and a fun scene? Check. 

palm tree at the Planet Hollywood pool
Trees in boxes aren’t just for 90’s mall decor

Plus, it’s an awesome value. 

I recently went with a few buddies of mine. We rented a cabana in the 21+ area. But, when we arrived to claim it, we were struck by just how loud it was. So, we ended up moving to the other side. Note that this side was still plenty loud. 

At this point, this tells you that we’re pretty lame (so take this review for what it’s worth) or, as I prefer to think of it, just speaks to how hard we partied the night before. 

Anyways, we did this on a Sunday. I love Sunday for football in Vegas because the games all start so early compared to the east coast. Of course, you have to remember to put in your bets the night before unless you’re psychotic and are up before 8am and peppy enough to make it down to the casino.

man sunbathing at the Planet Hollywood pool
We don’t know him.

So, for a few hundred bucks we had a private cabana with a fan, shade, fridge, and big screen TV to watch any and all games we wanted (NFL Sunday Ticket with Red Zone, for the win). All day. 

Drink service? Not included in the price. I’d bitch that at least you get that with your Cosmo daybed, but they start at like $2,100, so you can buy a lot of drinks for that price difference. I know, I know… Planet Hollywood is no Cosmo. And I agree. I love the Cosmo. But that’s not the vibe we were going for on this particular day. 

So someone comes around, takes our drink orders and brings us bucket after bucket of beers with all the fixins. And yeah that means bowls (small plastic cups) of limes for the Coronas and orange slices for the Blue Moons… it’s a far cry from the bikini girls with sparklers and confetti, but it was plenty good enough for us.

ph glass and beers
I don’t know why that rim is salted, but there’s no way there was ever a bloody mary in that cup. It’s cleaner than the perfect crime scene.

My point is that we WAY preferred this over the sports bar. The view was better, first of all. The service was better. The privacy was amazing. And if you get a little hot? Take a quick dip in the pool. 

I met an awesome bartender there who made some amazing bloody mary’s basically from scratch. I was a bit surprised that it didn’t just come from a mix (the tomato juice did, but that’s about it). Great stuff. I went back for a second (okay, third). 

pina colada on a bar
This is not a blood mary.

Oh, and a pina colada. I just remembered that when going through my photos for this post. Geeze, maybe it was four bloody mary’s?

It does suck that it closes at 5pm. But by then, the afternoon games are done. As things slowed down, we actually got to talk with some folks around us. It’s amazing the friends you can make in Vegas. Plus, by 5pm, our friends were plenty happy to buy us rounds of drinks. I’ve learned to oblige lately. I don’t know why I used to not accept things like this. But not anymore! Bring on the free drinks (hint, hint… if you run into me in Vegas)!

So if you cringe at the thought of leaving Vegas without a day at the pool, but you’re not looking for a night club in the sun — Planet Hollywood’s pool is a nice choice. And again… we didn’t feel that it was overcrowded. It was affordable but not run down or sketchy. It was fun and had a pretty pumping vibe without being overwhelming.