The Pros and Cons of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

You know that standard job interview question where they ask you about your weaknesses? You have to avoid saying something stupid like, “my weakness is that I’m too dedicated and always stay late and get to the office early.” That’s what I’m going to try to avoid doing here.

I have no trouble declaring that The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is my favorite property. It’s got a certain vibe, a certain something special that no other Vegas resort has. It’s young. It’s hip. It’s modern yet full of character, soul, and taste (what Resorts World is perhaps missing and where I fear Fountainblue will also fall short). 

The recent purchase by MGM Resorts has me a bit concerned that The Cosmopolitan will lose a touch of its boutique feel (odd to say for a property with 3,000 rooms). It may also lose its Identity program for player loyalty as a result of the MGM purchase. Yet, that too has some potential benefits as it opens up some freedom to earn and spend points and rewards at more places (even if they are pretty much all bunched up together towards the south end of the Strip). 

So, as you can already tell, there are tons of positives about the Cosmo, but of course, it has drawbacks, too. 

Now, some of these things contradict each other a bit, so you’ll have to stick with me. Like — great food options is a pro. But lack of cheap eats is a con. So food is kind of a pro and a con at the same time. Still with me?

In this post, I’m going to look at the pros and cons of the Cosmopolitan — a simply wonderful Las Vegas property. Perhaps you’ll agree or completely hate me for what I’m about to write. Perhaps it will help you make a decision about where to stay next. Either way, here we go. 

A view of the outside of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas from across the street

Pros and Cons of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Pros 

Here are all the great things to love about the Cosmo:

Fridges in rooms

I don’t care what your budget is. Whether you have leftovers from your $400 steak dinner or your $5.99 Ocean One purchase, you want somewhere to put it.

You want cold beers, cold vodka, and cold champagne. And you definitely want cold coconut water for the morning after all that. 

With MGM’s distinct diversion from Caesars in that they typically don’t have fridges in their rooms, the rumor (that I’m starting now) is that Cosmo’s fridge policy almost derailed the whole acquisition. 

Let’s hope they keep them around in the future. 


Pretty much any property north of New-York, New-York and South of Treasure Island (sorry… TI) can claim to have “the perfect” location. But I think that the properties immediately surrounding the Bellagio are truly the center Strip. 

Winner, winner, Cosmopolitan! 

It’s like 50 feet right out to the Bellagio fountains from the side entrance (if you want a closer view than from your balcony or are staying with a view on the other side). It’s directly across the street from Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile shops with all of the restaurants, shows, and options that place has to offer. And it’s connected to City Center for quick access to Aria, Vdara, the Crystals shops, and more. And Aria’s connected to Park MGM from an inside walkway, so you can almost get all the way to Park MGM without ever going outside.

The lobby of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Cool factor / Vibe 

Seriously, from the second you walk up to an entrance, you can tell this property is way too cool for you. From the chandelier bar to sparkly floors to lobby pillars that often house dancing girls, but sometimes hold trapped elevator guests or… books??? …

…this place has the trendiest, artsiest, sexiest vibe on the strip. It’s definitely catered to a younger crowd, but I think most ages still feel right at home here. 

If you’ve never been to Vegas and you want that ultra-cool, chic, Hollywood luxury vibe… something that’s not going to feel like any other luxury or beach resort — this is your place (if you can afford it).

The smell of this place alone ought to keep you coming back. It’s so great that I went online and found an unofficial Cosmopolitan scent to keep around the house. 

Finally, you can’t miss the multi-story Chandelier bar. With off-menu drinks and a unique menu at each level, the wanna-be mixologist in you will feel proud to be there. You can’t help but notice this amazing venue as it really is like a giant chandelier. Definitely make a reservation for one of the upper floors. 

Amazing, unique restaurants

Where Cosmo doesn’t have any well-known chain restaurants or cheap eats (see the cons list, below), it has exclusive, foodie-centric places perfect for Instagram — or even better — actually eating. 

The Block 16 food hall has a famous Hattie B’s Hot Chicken restaurant from Nashville, Lardo, a Sushi restaurant, and even a sleuthy speakeasy (Ghost Bar) that is, well, actually pretty hidden and definitely super cool. 

You can get super-chefy asian from Momofuku by celebrity chef David Chang, or get Instagram-worthy burgers and shakes at Holsteins. 

Have a dinner and a show (all in one) at Superfrico (it’s pronounced how it looks and yes it really is super-freaky). 

There’s also fine dining steak (STK) and Spanish and a fairly casual pizza joint that’s called Secret Pizza… and you really do have to look to find it. 

It’s a foodie’s paradise. If you have picky eaters? It’s a nightmare (see cons). 

Hip, hidden venues 

We just mentioned two hidden joints — Secret Pizza and Ghost Bar — but there are other secret venues to be found. This adds to the allure, charm, and exclusive-feeling experience that can make a difference in a resort mega-city with 150,000 hotel rooms. 

From a ski lodge that’s cool even in the summer, a concert venue and bar at the back of a working barbershop, to a hidden door in one of the resort’s real stores that opens to a large, upscale restaurant, there’s tons to explore. 

Cosmopolitan deserves credit for bringing speakeasies back to Vegas and making secrecy mainstream again. 

No timeshares or card slappers

A lot of properties have sold out space to aggressive sales teams that look like they’re hotel staff, but have dark intentions. TIMESHARES 😱

Now, if timeshares or timeshare presentations are your thing — don’t worry. You can walk right outside the side entrance towards the Bellagio fountains and immediately find some sales reps to bug you. 

But it’s nice that you can enjoy The Cosmopolitan without being hounded by sales folks or worrying that the fun conversation you’re having with someone in a blue sportcoat is about to get uncomfortable. 

And there are no “card slappers” or other spammy folks on the property. Cosmo’s got the place pretty locked down. 

Relax; have fun. 

The view at night from the fountain-facing balcony at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


I saved what might be the best for last. Few properties directly on the strip have balconies, and those that do only have a few rooms with this luxury. And no, you can’t afford them. 

The Cosmopolitan, on the other hand, has 3,000 rooms and more than two thirds of those have balconies. Half of those? They look out over the Bellagio fountains and all the way down the strip with views to Resorts World and beyond. 

Even the people who bemoan those who dare spend more than a few hours in their room on a Vegas trip can’t help but admit that it takes your experience up a whole level. 

It’s amazing, at the beginning of a crisp cool morning or the end of an all-nighter, to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sights and sounds like you own the place. 

You don’t have to worry about some vinyl ad for the latest washed-up artist unexpectedly obstructing the strip view you paid extra for. You don’t have to fight for a patio table (looking at you, Mon abi Gabi) or adhere to a minimum drink order. 

Pair the balcony with the complimentary fridge and you’ve got an epic start — or finish — to your day. 

Pros and Cons of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: Cons 

Nothing’s perfect, though Cosmo can sometimes seem close. Below are some of the cons of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:

It’s expensive

Like anything nice, you’re going to pay, pay, pay. It’s a true resort. There’s no cheap ABC shop or CVS attached. 

Need a bottled water? That’ll be $8. (“bonus” here: I found out that, at the time of my last trip, any water was $8. So Fiji water is the same price as whatever random spring water brand is next to it. So treat yo’self — get the Fiji). 

Coffee delivered to your room? You’re looking at at least $20 by the time you add the mandatory delivery fee, gratuity and tax. No word yet on if it’s brewed using Fiji water.

Pro tip: Bring your Las Vegas coffee mug from our store and at least you’ll have something awesome to drink that expensive coffee out of. 

All of this is in addition to premium room rates. Now, with an exceptional location, impeccable service, an unbeatable vibe, and those amazing balconies, you can understand why. 

But even when compared to Bellagio, Wynn, or Caesars palace, you might be a bit shocked by the room total when you go to secure your booking. 

I believe it’s worth it, but you’ll need to save extra if you’re staying at the Cosmo, or sacrifice your budget for activities (or split the charges amongst friends and stay in a Wraparound Terrace Suite). 

No cheap, chain-restaurant eats 

This is somewhat common for the highest-end resorts along the strip. The downside to the foodie paradise and wonderful, unique options is that there’s no space left for a budget food court of any kind. 

Across the way, however, on the Planet Hollywood side, you can quickly get to some affordable options like Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Earl of Sandwich, etc. and other offerings in or around the Miracle Mile Shops. Yes, you can even get Ocean One across the street. Though, honestly, we don’t get the hype and might look down on you a little if you love the place.

Most budget properties — like Flamingo — have at least small food courts with inexpensive offerings. The Venetian is probably the nicest resort on the Strip that I know has an inexpensive food court kind of offering. 

Anyways, it’s not the end of the world, but if you thought you’d make up for the expensive room rate by saving on food, you’ll need to leave Cosmo to implement that strategy. 

A to-go box of Hattie B's Hot Chicken at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Just get Hattie B’s and thank me later.

Limited on-property shopping 

It seems that most of the high-end properties, and even many of the others, have tons of shopping options. 

Planet Hollywood has an entire mall attached to it. Even the Horseshoe has the Grand Bazaar shops in front (for better or worse). 

On the high end, the Bellagio has a wonderful slew of shops leading from the casino out to the north side of the fountain by the bridges that cross to Caesars and Horseshoe. Caesars has the massive, beautiful Forum Shops. Wynn has a huge promenade with designer brands. The Venetian has the epic Grand Canal shops. 

The Cosmopolitan simply has a small footprint and there’s not a lot of on-property shopping. Of course, this can quickly be overcome (like most of the cons on this list) by a quick walk over to the attached Crystals Shops that are a part of MGM’s City Center. 

Plus, if you get your Las Vegas souvenirs from us before you go, you’ll not only look awesome, but you won’t miss souvenir shopping at the Cosmo!

Sportsbook is kind of meh 

Las Vegas has enjoyed a massive sports renaissance since around 2016. Sportsbooks, once a fading attraction, are more popular than ever. 

Cosmo, as recently as it was built, was just before this trend took back off. And, like most strip properties, they’re ill-equipped to handle sports betting. 

The relatively small area is tucked into the southeast corner near the main entrance. There are plenty of screens and a bar. I’ve also never had to wait too long for a teller. 

But overall, it’s somewhat boring and significantly lacks seating. I’d guess there’s only seating for around 50 people or so. 

No key checks at elevators (but does hidden security exist?)

One thing I enjoyed at properties like Aria and Venetian were the security checks on the way to the elevator. I’m not one to be carrying around tens of thousands of dollars in cash, but I still always feel like a target. 

For a property that, at one point, had key checks at the main entrances to only allow hotel guests and reservation holders into the properties on weekends and late at night, it’s kind of shocking that now anyone can seemingly walk off the street and follow you on to the elevator. 

I try to reassure myself that Cosmopolitan security is pretty on top of things and proactive, so I’d imagine they know who’s coming and going. Perhaps they have facial recognition and generally know who’s supposed to be getting on the elevators and who’s not. 

I don’t know, but I’d much rather have key checks. It’s a bit impractical with the layout of the lifts, but I’m sure they could find a way to take care of it. 

All of that said, I’ve never really ever actually felt unsafe at the Cosmo nor even felt uncomfortable with anyone else on an elevator. 

No major transportation hub connections 

This last one is probably a small deal to most readers. If you’re staying at The Cosmopolitan, you likely don’t care too much about access to cheap transportation when you can just phone your driver or jump in your Maserati. 

Okay, maybe not. 

Remember, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is not part of MGM’s massive City Center project. You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise (built at pretty much the same time, similar design style… connected to the damn thing, I mean come on!)

As a result, it’s not serviced by the monorail that connects Aria and Bellagio. 

It’s on the wrong side for the main Las Vegas monorail. 

And, as of now, Elon’s holes don’t reach that far south. 

There is a Deuce bus route stop right outside (adjacent to the time share folks). So, if riding 45 minutes to the outlet mall is your thing (you’d be surprised how many people do this), you can start that mistake just outside the doors of one of Vegas’ premier resorts. 

When are you booking your stay? 

I promise I’m not getting paid (yet) by The Cosmopolitan, but if you actually read this article and still aren’t choosing it as the headquarter for your next Vegas trip, you have bigger problems than I can address today. 

The Cosmopolitan is a five star, five-diamond resort. It’s one of the only ways to get Balconies on the strip and it has an unbeatable location and unparalleled views. Amazing food, a hip and exclusive feel, awesome service, and energy that can’t be beat. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the pros and cons of the Cosmopolitan, I have one question for you:

See you there soon!