If you’re obsessed with Vegas (we get it, who couldn’t be?) or know someone who is (let me apologize for our incessant rambling about the latest speakeasy or immersive experience)… You’ll be thrilled that we put together this list of the Las Vegas gift ideas. 

You can make their (or your own) birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or any other special occasion with a gift that celebrates the best city in the world (not our opinion — just a fact, Jack).  

Add these to your own list or snag the perfect option for your friend or loved one — the curated list below isn’t just self promotion for our own Vegas souvenir shop. Though… we’d certainly be idiots if we didn’t throw in a pick or two. 

And guess what? Momma didn’t raise no dummy. 

See below for our top 10 Las Vegas gift ideas of 2022 (and maybe future years if we get too lazy to update it): 

Las Vegas Gift Ideas

10. Photo album w/ daily trip report and commemorative tickets

Pictures on Facebook are great, but there’s something special about a photo album on the coffee table or bookshelf. You can pull it down, flip through it, and relive memories like it’s your own customized coffee table book. 

A Las Vegas photo album as a home made DIY Las Vegas gift idea

Arrange photos in the correct order from start to finish and type up mini “trip reports” for each day to help you remember everything you did. If you managed to get a physical ticket or other keepsake (don’t get me started on the new ticketing apps that have taken all the fun out of live events…) for something — put it in, too! 

Finally, a homemade gift any Vegas fan will love. 


9. Shot glass holder (and some some cool ones to add to it)

It’s not a problem if it’s art, right? Shot glasses are a pretty cheap way to grab a souvenir on your trips. If you forget, you can even grab ones at the airport. 

To be clear, none are as classy and high-quality as the Shot Glasses from Las Vegas Merch Co., but we won’t fault you for your 99 cent impulse buy. Especially if you’ve already had a few real shots earlier that night. 

A shot glass display case as a Las Vegas gift idea

Turn your shot glass memories into a work of art or at least something you can be proud of. These display cases come in all kinds of forms and can hang on your wall. Believe me, as cool as a Las Vegas calendar is, it’s even better to walk by your shot glasses each day and relive some of the best memories of your life.

8. Coffee mugs 

Yes, we all dream about Vegas when we’re gearing up to party or sipping our favorite cocktail, but unfortunately, some of us have to work, too. Get the Vegas fan in your life a Las Vegas coffee mug so they can dream about their favorite city while they’re desperately counting down the hours at the office. 

A picture of a blue Las Vegas mug - a great Las Vegas gift idea

Or, perhaps a happier thought — keep one at home to enjoy on a peaceful Saturday morning you’d rather be in Vegas or to pep you up after a long night out. 

Either way, there are tons of Las Vegas coffee mugs you can find at discount stores all over the strip. Of course, we recommend finding ones that will last more than a week. 

We sell Las Vegas coffee mugs with beautiful, classy designs. They’re made right here in America and they’re durable, machine washable, microwavable and — best of all — you won’t be embarrassed to show up to your next important meeting with it. 

7. Casino chip case 

We love to see all of the newest slot machines in town, but we miss the old coin ones (shout out to places like El Cortez that are still running those beauties!). Beyond that, we’re definitely sad to see less and less floor space dedicated to table games. 

If you’re like us and you still like to hold chips in your hands, you may have developed a habit of keeping one as a souvenir every now and then. 

It’s a great, inexpensive way to make your own customized souvenir collection. Whether you’re doing it officially or would love to start — get an awesome Las Vegas chip case to showcase your work! 

A Las Vegas casino chip case as a Las Vegas gift idea

Here and here you’ll find two examples of our favorites we’ve found around online (pictures below). Right now, we don’t sell cases nor any casino chips. However, you can buy Las Vegas casino-used dice and real game-used cards on our site. In fact, that’s the next thing on our list!

6. Las Vegas Playing cards or Casino-Used dice (the “Can’t go wrong” Las Vegas gift idea)

There are tons of varieties of playing cards and dice you can buy online or at your local Target. But none of them quite match the excitement of real Vegas-level table games. Bring home a bit of that excitement and stop playing your Tuesday night poker games with Uno cards. 

Las Vegas casino-used dice as a Las Vegas gift idea

Heck, you can swap the dice on monopoly with real Casino-used dice. Bonus points if it’s Vegas-themed monopoly. 

Shameless plug: We have some of the best options for real casino-used playing cards and dice online. Get them as a stocking stuffer or add them with a few other items for a Vegas-themed gift to remember. 

Or, get a bunch and pass them out around the office. Either way, you’ll be glad you snagged some. 

Plus, we have all kinds of other ideas if you don’t find the perfect Las Vegas gift idea here.

5. A quality, non-kitschy Vegas shirt 

If you or your friend or loved one is a Las Vegas fanatic, they already have a ton of Vegas shirts. But did they buy them from that falling-down BOGO shop near Harmon (I think it’s being torn down for Tilman Fertitta’s new place, anyways)? Oh God, please don’t tell me they went to that mega shop near The Strat?! 

A gray Las Vegas shirt as a great Las Vegas gift idea

Those places are fine, but if you’ve graduated from the Excalibur lifestyle to something a bit more classy, it’s time for a real, quality Las Vegas T-shirt. Yes, we sell them. No, you won’t be disappointed. 

4. Airline tix / hotel voucher etc. for their next trip

Duh. What’s better for a Vegas fan than… more Vegas? You could make it fun and print out trip vouchers. 

Or, make sure they’ll be available on certain dates, and buy show tickets, hotel reservations or even airline tickets to announce you’re taking them on a trip to Vegas!

Someone once gave me an airline gift card with “Vegas” in the memo line and it was the best thing ever. 

In reality, you could do all kinds of fun, kitschy, creative things, but as long as you’re contributing to our Vegas addiction, we’ll love it. 

3. Vegas savings bank 

A few dollars saved each day can quickly add up for a low-budget Vegas trip. Or, it can at least serve as a nice gambling or drink budget. 

Check out these Vegas-themed savings containers (they’re not all “piggy banks,” plus we’re all adults here — it’s time to give up the farm animals).  

A Las Vegas slot machine-themed savings bank as a Las Vegas gift idea

This one above is pretty cool and great for a budget. Bonus points because there are multiple designs to choose from!

2. Vegas wristlet or pool bag 

For a lot of people, Las Vegas is all about high-end fashion and ultra luxurious shopping. And while you can score designer looks at places from the Shops at Crystals to The Forum Shops or almost any “hallway” at Wynn or Bellagio, most of these aren’t actually Vegas-themed. 

And if you do find Vegas-themed items, so many of them are TACKY. Seriously ugly. 

A Las Vegas-themed clutch or wristlet that's a great Las Vegas gift idea.

Take a look at these two high-class, but affordable, options for a Las Vegas wristlet / wallet and a Vegas pool bag

A Las Vegas pool bag as a great Las Vegas gift idea

They’re beautiful, stunning, and totally Vegas. 

1. Las Vegas Gift Box!! The Best Las Vegas Gift Idea

This is absolutely, without a doubt the best Las Vegas Gift Idea. I looked for this everywhere so I could put it on a list for my loved ones could buy me one. 

No luck. 

So I created it myself. 

Give the true Vegas fan in your life the ultimate Las Vegas gift box. It includes a bit of everything — a shirt, shot glass, coffee mug, stickers, casino-used dice, and real casino playing cards. Plus, it’s a ton of fun to open. 

These days, there are overpriced gift baskets for nearly everything. You can buy a “dude basket” or whatever that has like three mini bottles, a couple sausage sticks, a super-fake cheese product, and a small can of pringles for like $77. No — you can seriously find that with a quick Google search. 

Don’t do it. 

An image of the Las Vegas gift box with products nicely displayed on a white background. A great Las Vegas gift idea.

Go with a Vegas-themed box. So much fun. 

A Las Vegas gift box sprawled out on a white background with confetti.

Choose the selections that best fit your taste (or your loved ones) and enjoy! 

Order them here: —-> https://lasvegasmerchco.com/product/las-vegas-gift-box/#configuration